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Africa on the world ofMortal Engines.

Africa was a continent south of Europe and west of Asia. It was spared much of the ravages of the Sixty Minute War and thus became the center for the budding of postwar civilisation. It was home to a loosely affiliated network of nation-states known as the Spring Cultures including Zagwa, Ogbomosho and the Tibesti Caliphate. These evolved into trading powers whose missionaries and traders played a pivotal role in restoring civilisation to Europe and Asia.

The Zagwans gradually developed into a Christian empire which controlled much of the area around the Middle Sea. With the advent of the Traction era, the various Spring Cultures declined progressively over the centuries despite assistance from the Anti-Traction League in Asia. By the time of the Green Storm War, the Sahara Desert had become the domain of traction cities and towns with Zagwa further driven south.