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Brighton by David Wyatt from The Illustrated World of Mortal Engines.

Brighton was an Anglish-speaking Raft City which roamed the Middle Sea towards the end of the Traction Era. It was a resort raft city dependent predominantly on tourism and consequently had no jaws and few defences.


Brighton was a three-tiered raft city powered by huge paddle wheels beneath the central hub. It also had two outrigger districts which were linked to the rest of the city by large gantries. An airborne palace held up by several large gas bags called Cloud 9 was anchored a few hundred feet to the main city by thick hawsers. Cloud 9 was home to the Mayor of Brighton and included vast manicured gardens and pavilions for parties. It uses the Brightonian Dolphin.


Brighton was once a seaside town in Sussex, England. It became a raft city during the Second Traction Boom, and may have been one of the first raft cities.

Initially it was described as being a grimy Atlantic fishing town, but around the Third Traction Boom it became a raft city, cruising off the coasts of Northern Africa and the Middle Sea.

It was a popular tourist resort attracting many wealthy tourists from other cities. At the time of Infernal Devices, the city was ruled by Lord Mayor Nimrod Pennyroyal, who resided in a floating palace known as Cloud 9. Secretly the city was heavily involved with the slave trade; it would capture Lost Boys and sell them to Nabisco Shkin's Shkin Corporation, traded and sold slaves. Hester Natsworthy would launch an attack on Shkin.

Brighton was attacked during Moon Festival by the Green Storm during the Battle of Brighton, in which many citizens were taken captive and Cloud 9 was detached from its moorings and disappeared into the air.

After the attack, Brighton was taken over by the Lost Boys, and it descended into a state of anarchy with different sections being controlled by rival factions. Stalker Fang and Fishcake returned there to find a limpet.

Known Residents of Brighton

Notable Locations

  • Cloud 9
  • The Pepperpot
  • The Sea Pool
  • The Laines
  • The Nimrod Pennyroyal Experience
  • Plage Ultime
  • Kemptown

Behind the Scenes

Philip Reeve was born in the town of Brighton and worked in a book shop before he began to write 'no-budget plays' and do illustrations for books; he later voiced his dislike for the present day town.