The Combat Wombat is Orla Twombley's heavier than air fighter that appeared in Infernal Devices and A Darkling Plain. It has flown in many battles.

The Combat Wombat is a MkI Luperini Sea-Eagle. Orla bought it when she was working on the Cygnet Committee. Whenever she got a chance she would practice piloting it in her spare time. Her practice paid off when several Green Storm airships attacked the Cygnet Committee over Perfume Harbour. She used the Combat Wombat to destroy all the enemy airships. It served again in the private air force of the Junkyard Angels to defend cities against the terror of the Green Storm. It was then a part of the Flying Ferrets and particapated in the Battle of Brighton.Orla flew it to help the was finally destroyed when it landed,ablaze,on murnau and splintered into burning bits of wood