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Fishcake is a Lost Boy and a central character in Infernal Devices and A Darkling Plain.

Personality and Appearance

Fishcake is a small boy of 10 years of age with black hair. He is a skilled mechanic, as he was chosen as "one of the best" for Gargle's mission to retrieve the Tin Book from Vineland, as well as being able to repair Stalker Fang. Most likely due to his young age, he prefers to have others think for him.


Early Life

Like all Lost Boys, Fishcake was born on the under decks of a traction city and kidnapped at a young age to be trained as a burglar in Grimsby’s Burglarium.

Infernal Devices

At ten years old, he traveled with Gargle and Remora on their mission to retrieve the Tin Book from anchorage’s library.  During the mission they were found out by Wren Natsworthy, who was convinced by Gargle to find and then later steal the Tin Book.  Their plan was found out by Wren’s mother, Hester Natsworthy, who shot and killed both his traveling companions. Fishcake was only able to escape in his limpet Autolycus with his life by holding Wren hostage. He then vows to kill Hester in revenge.

During their journey back to Grimsby, Fishcake and Wren intercepted messages from the raft city of Brighton. Convinced that his long lost parents were waiting for him there, he sets a course for the raft city.  They don’t realize its a trap until it is too late and the two of them are captured as slaves of the Shkin Corporation. Eager to please his new masters, Fishcake betrays the location of Grimbsby which makes his fellow lost boys hate him. Nabisco Shkin then offers him a position as an assistant with the intent that fishcake could lead him back to Anchorage-in-Vineland and enslave its inhabitants.

During the day of the Battle of Brighton, Shkin uses Fishcake to verify Tom Natsworthy’s Identity and story when Tom is captured in the Pepperpot.  Later that day, Fishcake sneaks back to Toms cell to reassure him that Wren is alright. Moved by Tom’s kindness, he agrees to escape Brighton and join Tom’s family. They are then recused by Hester and despite her wanting to leave Fishcake behind,  they all head to the museum called The Nimrod Pennyroyal Experience, where the Nastworthy’s former airship the Jenny Haniver (which now bears the name The Arctic Roll) is kept. In the commotion of taking off, Fishcake is abandoned with an angry mob on his heals. He then manages to barely escape by jumping off the city’s stern and swimming to the barren coastline of Africa, where he meets the dismembered head and body parts of Stalker Fang and vows to repair the stalker and lead it on its journey to Erdene Tezh.


  • Fishcake appears on the classic edition cover of Infernal Devices.