The Guild of Engineers is one of London's four main guilds, this one being the most important. The guild members appear as antagonists in Mortal Engines, but also are protagonists in Fever Crumb.


The Order of Engineers

The Guild of Engineers were known as the Order of Engineers  at the time of the Nomad Wars in London. They lived similarly to how they would live in the Traction City of London many years later. For they wore white rubber coats, and they shaved there heads completely, because they considered hair as a "vestige to their animal past". The Order lived in Godshawk's Head until it collapsed. When Nicola Quercus and his organization The Movement came and took over London in his traction fortress, he promoted the Order of Engineers to a Guild status.

Tractionist London and MEDUSA

A thousand years later, the Guild of Engineers is the most important guild in London, led by head engineer and Lord Mayor Magnus Crome. The Guild was divided into a number of sub-guilds, like Salvagemen, Stokers, Wheel-tappers, and Associated Gut Operatives. The engineers had been planning to attack the Anti-Traction League for a while, and they were rebuilding MEDUSA inside St Paul's Cathedral. The Guild was strongly opposed by the Guild of Historians. When London came to Batmunkh Gompa ready to fire MEDUSA, the Historians declared war on the Engineers, and the Engineers fought back. Hester Shaw fought most of the engineers. Most of the Engineers were killed when MEDUSA exploded and destroyed London, yet some did survive (mainly the ones in the Deep Gut).

New London

The Engineers who did survive MEDUSA helped construct the hovering suburb of New London.

Guild Members

Fever Crumb series

Mortal Engines series