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Ice Cities are a type of traction city that instead of using tracks, they use a large wheel at the back of the city that allows it to skate on reinforced steel runners across the ice.

Ice towns and ice suburbs also exist. Ice cities face dangers that other types of traction city don't. One of them is the risk of thin ice; if the ice is too thin, then it would crack and the town would sink to the bottom of the sea. This happens more in summer, so the ice cities move North where there is still thick ice or convert to tracks for the summer and live in the South.

Some ice cities, such as Anchorage, do not eat other cities and instead traders much the same as in the Great Hunting Ground.

Ice cities roam the Northern Ice Wastes. It is said that there are cities in Antartica that drill for oil, but if they have tracks or ice runners it is unknown. Perhaps they are even statics or semi-statics.


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Ice Cities roam an area of the world known as the Ice Wastes. In the world of Mortal Engines the world has cooled down considerably, the glaciers and ice fields of the Arctic Circle crept down South further and further during the Black Centuries and the Ice Ages.

After this, the Nomad Empires were driven slowly Southward by the advancing ice, but when Arkangel (the remainer of the fierce competetor of The Movement, the Arkangelsk) mobolized to use skates and drive wheels to move across these otherwise inhospitabal hunting grounds for standard traction cities, many statics who thought they'd be safe from London in the area also went mobile.

In the end the amount of cities inhabiting the Ice Wastes made it almost as active and advanced as the main Great Hunting Ground. Because of the harsh conditions, a considerable amount of cities had their own code of Municipal Darwinism which involved slavery and capturing towns before eating them, direct contradictions of the standard code of Muicipal Darwinism used by normal traction cities.

List of Ice Cities and Towns