Jeremy Levett, better known in some circles by the online alias Brosencrantz, is an associate of Philip Reeve and co-author of the two Mortal Engines setting encyclopaedias (The Traction Codex and The Illustrated World).


Levett was born in London but at various times in his life has lived and worked in Bristol, Yorkshire and Australia. He has studied war and law, and worked seemingly everywhere.

As of 2017-18, he is actively involved with the online Mortal Engines fandom, being a frequent poster and source of numerous in-jokes on the fan-run Discord server "Gasbags and Gondolas." He keeps an occasionally updated blog, mainly posting travelogues with occasional Mortal Engines content.

(Any further information on Levett's personal life being added to this section is entirely dependent on what he feels comfortable divulging. Wiki editors who are also active on the aforementioned Discord are strongly discouraged from pestering him.)

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