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Murnau was a 9 tiered triangular shaped German-speaking city in the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft. It is also a market town in Germany.

Murnau did not practice slavery and made a note of freeing any slaves it ate.

The war between the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft and Green Storm has had a great affect on it. Many luxuries have been abandoned (As evidenced from the abandoned pleasure garden on the Oberrang'', the upper tier, of Murnau) and effort has instead been put into the war effort. There are many holes in the tiers where buildings and even whole streets used to be, due to Green Storm explosives. Guns and "Skirt Forts" have been erected about the city as a defense against Green Storm airships, invasions, and buildings.

The war has had a social effect on Murnau as well, with posters attempting to persuade the young men of the city (women are not allowed to fight) to join the cities army. It is mentioned that many have, from the uniforms. The injured from various battles are frequently seen about the tiers of Murnau. As people who have spent most of their lives only knowing duty and war, the people of Murnau are described as being determined to experience the sort of freedoms people in other cities experience, decorating the inside of cafes and bars richly with "scuffed and mismatched furnature" and "walls covered in paintings and drawings and photographs of people having fun." Some of the young people (on leave from the military) are mentioned to dream "of being artists and poets"

Murnau has a military known as the Abwehrtruppe, and, as mentioned before, many of the people have joined it. The city has a number of gun-slits, skirt forts and is shaped like a wedge, with a ram extending below it's jaws hinting at its past as a traktionturnienstadt. The women are not allowed to fight and instead do their part for the city by working in the gut and factories. The City is mentioned to have the armour that most cities in the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft have.

It has many artist and authers and market stores in some parts of it, which is similar to its real life counter part. When Harrowbarrow was captured, it was taken to Murnau and modified in order to fight better in the war. The cities mayor is Kriegsmarshal Von Kobold, who only wants peace for his city. The Traktionstadtgesselschaft was shattered when ODIN destroyed many members of this alliance, but sparing Murnau. After the Green Storm War is over Nimrod Pennyroyal returns to Murnau, Murnau then, to many people's surprise, becomes static; as the ways of Municipal Darwinism could not last due to the treaty with Oenone Zero to cease fighting forever.