Night Flights is a book featuring three short stories about the adventures of Anna Fang.


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The short stories are set years before the events of Mortal Engines.


Frozen Heart

Anna Fang, a thrall in Arkangel, spots two Jeunot-Carot engine-pods and plans her escape.

Traction City Blues

An adolescent Anna lands in London to try and obtain a powerful weapon.

Teeth of the Sea

Anna, now part of the Anti-Traction League, sets out to deal with Raft Cities, variation of Traction cities that float in the oceans. Her first act was to blow up the city of Marseilles. Later, Anna takes on a mission in Palau Pinang. Her target was the Sultana. The Sultana had allowed the island to be a refueling station for raft cities, a form of traction cities. Anna killed the Sultana by snapping her neck. This was considered somewhat barbaric.[1]



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