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The Nomad Wars took place over approximately 600 years, from the late Black Centuries until 480TE. During this time, the great Nomad Empires fought various wars across then-Europa and the Northern Wastes.


The nomads at first waged small battles - for example two traction castles competing over a refuelling point. However as the empires grew in both power (largely due to the rediscovering of Old Tech) and numbers in the Late Black Centuries, these minor conflicts escalated into full blown wars. Eventually the Nomad Empires motorized their castles, foregoing slaves and mammoths for primitive combustion or even steam engines. Thus starting the Traction Era and consequently the bulk of the Nomad Wars.

Initially these devestating wars took place over much of Europe and the old North Sea, but eventually, as the Earths climate calmed, most of Europe's inhabitants declared the Southern reaches a  'demotorized zone' (with the exception of land barges) and the nomads were driven Northwards.

However the Ice Wastes began expanding South and the nomads were battling for the decreasing space wedged between the de-motorized zone and the unfriendly Ice Wastes. Nomad empires began to raid and siege static cities around the 300s TE onwards due to lack of space and resources.

Eventually The Movement seized London from the Scriven and began mobilizing it from around 475 to 480 TE truly marking the beginning of the end of the Nomad Wars. Other cities began their own mobilization at this time, hurrying to finish before London finished destroying the remaining Nomad Empires in the North.


A Traction Fortress

The Nomad Empires mainly used traditional cannons onboard their traction fortresses (predessors to traction cities). Some ranged in size from large houses (pictured to the right) or massive traction capitols which could hold hundreds of people.

Steam power drove these moving castles at first, but quickly many new technologies rushed in, such as internal combustion and even electric engines for smaller vehicles.

Troops used blunderbusses and muskets. Stalkers were employed in the battles, usually tasked with boarding enemy forts. In some nomad empires, such as The Movement, reanimating dead warriors was a great sign of respect for the corpse, rather than burying it.