Nonesuch House, sometimes referred to as "Godshawk's gaffe," was the private residence of Auric Godshawk during his reign as Civic Commander of London. Its ruins are a key location in Fever Crumb.

Appearance and Location

The house was located in the Brick Marsh on the outskirts of London proper, built on a large, tiered hill (possibly Scriven-made) that rose out of the swamp. The hill featured numerous gardens and ornamental reflecting pools, and commanded spectacular views of the marshes and the distant city. The house itself sat on the summit of the hill, and it is described by all those who saw it in its heyday as large and richly furnished. Also on the grounds was a small summer cottage, where Fever Crumb was likely conceived.

Gideon Crumb spent a summer at the house cataloging Godshawk's collection of artifacts. At a party one night, Godshawk showed Gideon his memory recording device, with which he hoped to implant his consciousness into another body and so make himself immortal. This party was also the start of Gideon's love affair with Godshawk's daughter, Wavey.

The Fall of the Scriven

Following the Skinner's Riots, a small group of Scriven escaped to Nonesuch House from the Barbican, using Godshawk's secret tunnel. They remained hidden for a few weeks, until Bagman Creech led a group of Skinners there and killed them all. However, he spared Wavey Godshawk's life when he saw that she was carrying baby Fever. He gave them time to escape before setting the house ablaze.

Events of Fever Crumb

Archeologist Kit Solent, having successfully tapped into Godshawk's tunnel, begins exploring the ruins of Nonesuch House. He takes on Fever as an assistant and hopes she can unlock the secrets of Godshawk's hidden laboratory. Fever's time at the house triggers Godshawk's dormant memories inside her. The most common visions are of summer parties at the house, depicting float lamps rising above the garden pools and Scriven nobles dancing in the ballroom. Later, during the events of Scrivener's Moon, Fever discovers that Cluny Morvish shares these same visions.

Godshawk's Laboratory

Auric Godshawk kept a secret lab in the basement of Nonesuch House, protected by a series of heavy doors and complicated locks. He experimented on Stalkers there, and developed a prototype engine to mobilize London. The lab was a closely guarded secret even during Scriven times, although rumors of its supposed treasures inspired various London archeologists to go looking for it over the years. When the Movement captures London, Wavey Godshawk journeys to the ruins with Fever to unlock the lab and take possession of her father's inventions.