The Northern-Air Fleet is a fleet of airships kept by the Anti Tractionists at Batmunkh Gompa.

The fleet is very powerful and effective way of fending off tractionists. However, it is only used for defensive purposes, and will only attack Traction Cities if they threaten a static settlement. The air fleet includes Air Destroyers, Fighter airships and normal airships.

When London threatens to destroy Batmunkh Gompa, the Anti-Tractionists do not take it as a serious threat as they could destroy the traction city with the Northern Air-Fleet before it came into range of the Shield Wall. However, during a religious festival the entire fleet is single-handedly sabotaged by Valentine, leaving them helpless.

With the air-fleet gone, many static settlements were left helpless, including Spitzbergen static, which was devoured by Arkangel. After the Green Storm War the Northern Air-Fleet may have been re-establised by the Anti-Tractionist League to defend static settlements.