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Map of Nuevo Maya.

Nuevo Maya is a continent formerly known as South America.

It was severed from North America when slow bombs destroyed Central America during the Sixty Minute War. Like Africa and Eurasia, Nuevo Maya is split between static settlements and tractionists. Static settlements rule the Andes, but the lowlands are filled with Ziggurat Cities. Tom Natsworthy and Hester Shaw visit Nuevo Maya in the gap between Mortal Engines and Predator's Gold but it is never visited in the series itself.

Nuevo Maya is mentioned several times throughout the series. Nimrod Pennyroyal wrote his book Ziggurat Cities of the Serpent God about his "experiences" in Nuevo Maya, but it is untrue as he never went there. Pennyroyal tells Tom about Vampire towns in Nuevo Maya, which cling to the bottom of Ziggurat cities and slowly take everything away and either making the inhabitants their slaves or killing them. The vampire town would then leave the city a dry, empty shell and move onto its next victim. However, it is unknown if vampire towns truly existed or not; Tom thinks this is outrageous and realises that Pennyroyal is a fraud.

Nuevo Maya is mentioned in Infernal Devices as well. When Wren Natsworthy says that they are going to be made into slaves, Nabisco Shkin scoffs and says that tough pirates like the Lost Boys aren't going to be sold as maids or servants, and they will instead be sold as gladiators in the arenas of the Ziggurat cities of Nuevo Maya.