Pandora Shaw (née Rae), was an archaeologist and the mother of Hester Shaw.


Pandora worked with Thaddeus Valentine on an expedition to the Dead Continent. Together, they found the plans and access codes to MEDUSA in an underground complex. She and Valentine were briefly lovers before she married David Shaw, with the former relationship resulting in Hester. She, David and Hester then resided together at Oak Island.

Some years later, Pandora returned to the complex and found the computer-brain of MEDUSA. She notified Valentine with the intention of selling MEDUSA's components and splitting the profits. Valentine wished to sell the weapon to the mayor of London, but Pandora refused, wanting it to go to the Anti-Traction League instead. Desperate, Valentine killed Pandora and David, and badly injured Hester.

Pandora's body was eventually found, and her death reported to the Guild of Historians in London.

Family Tree of Pandora