Piotr Masgard was the son of the Direktor of Arkangel and the leader of the Huntsmen in Predator's Gold. He was infamous throughout the Ice Wastes for his machiavellian tactics of capturing other cities and towns as prey for his own city. During an attack on the city of Anchorage, his ship the Clear Air Turbulence and his entire complement of Hunstmen were decimated by the efforts of Hester Shaw and the townsfolk.


Predator's Gold

Piotr Masgard was the leader of the Huntsmen of Arkangel. Whenever anyone told them were prey was, they would go to the town and either bring it to a stop or force it straight into Arkangel's jaws so that it could be devoured.

He first appeared in Airhaven where he was seen promising gold to merchants who would inform him on the whereabouts or coordinates of smaller cities and towns. Hester Shaw later travelled to Arkangel and told him the location of Anchorage in order to get Tom Natsworthy back.

Masgard and his men went to Anchorage and took the citizens prisoner while waiting for Arkangel to arrive. He took Freya Rasmussen hostage in the ice palace, until Hester arrived and killed the guard. Hester also released the people of Anchorage, who rebelled against and killed most of the Arkangel mercenaries. Masgard called out for his friends as he lost the Clear Air Turbulence, then begged for mercy from Hester and attempted to give her gold for his life. However she killed him anyway by stabbing him multiple times.

In Infernal Devices, one of the reasons why the people of Anchorage-in-Vineland disliked Hester was because she killed Masgard when there was no need for more deaths. Hester asserted that she was just standing up to "big people" like Piotr and Valentine.