Raft Cities are a type of moving city that floats around on the ocean like a ship.


Originally, Raft Cities were product of terrified cities fleeing from London's intial rampage around 480 TE after it had defeated the last threatening Nomad Empires. Instead of building tracks, they took to the ocean to escape; however, a few cities saw a potential to set up Municipal Darwinism on the world's seas and oceans.

These cities that had fleed land cities were now ironically fleeing sea predators.


Much like on land or ice, the raft cities had their own eco system. Different towns took different roles much like in other traction city types.

  • Predator; eats other towns to increase in size and obtain more fuel
  • Trader; trades goods for resources and money
  • Resort; gains most of it's income from tourism
  • Fishing/Whaler; casts nets to fish and/or locates whales and sells and eats the catch

List of Mentioned Raft Cities