Ruan Solent was a stagehand, and the son of Kit Solent.

Early Life

Ruan was born and raised in pre-Traction London. Ruan's mother died when he was young. His father, Kit, continued looking after him and his sister Fern. Due to Kit's archaeological work around the city, the family moved into an abandoned, previously Scriven owned mansion near the hotbed of archaeological activity in London. During this time, the engineer Fever Crumb stayed in the home to aid Kit's work.

Ruan and Fern both attended a small private school near their home; their teacher fled when the Movement invaded London. Their father was also killed during this time.

Travelling with Fever

Ruan and his sister were effectively adopted by Fever Crumb after the death of their father. They travelled together aboard Persimmon's Electric Lyceum, where Ruan proved to be a talented artist and stagehand.

Ruan's fate after Fever left him and Fern remains unknown.