The Spring Cultures was a term used to refer to several new civilizations that arose in Africa following the Black Centuries. Africa had been spared much of the ravages of the Sixty Minute War and thus a considerable amount of ancient knowledge was preserved. Some known cultures included the nations of Zagwa, Ogbomosho and the Tibesti Caliphate which gradually evolved into trading cultures that helped restore civilization to wartorn Europe and Asia.

With the dawn of the Traction Era, the 'Spring Cultures' progressively declined as the traction cities enroached on their territories. As anti-trantionists, these states received assistance from the Anti-Traction League which proved mostly ineffectual against the advancing cities.

Zagwa in particular seemed distant from the Green Storm, preferring the more defensive stance of the old league, perhaps because of it's total economic decline since it's unsuccessful crusades against Europe during the Second Traction Boom to destroy traction cities.