A suburb is a type of traction town that has been created by a larger city. Most suburbs were built in the early days of the Second and Third Tration Boom (circa 600 to 800 TE) when resources were abundant. Suburbs had a variety of roles: while hunting suburbs (which brought a portion of the catch back to their masters) were the most common, other types such as trading and mining suburbs are also said to have existed. However some suburbs have been known to go rogue, like Tunbridge Wheels and Wolverinehampton. London had three suburbs; Tunbridge Wheels, Crawley and Purley Spokes.

Arkangel also had several suburbs working for it. Suburbs can be tractionist or ice. It is never said whether or not raft cities have suburbs, but it is presumed they do. New London was also a suburb, in a way.



Drone-Suburbs are stripped suburbs, often captured cities or townlets. These are used for scouting by [[Arkangel].

List of Known Suburbs