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The Traction Codex is a fictional reference book set in the world of Mortal Engines, written by Philip Reeve and Jeremy Levett. Philip describes it as:

A sort of encyclopaedia/history of the World of Mortal Engines, featuring all those things you always wanted to know but could never be bothered to ask, like, how did Airhaven get airborne? Why do the cities use heavier-than-air fighters while the Green Storm stick to airships? Who was Red Loki? etc, etc.[1] 

It expands on the world described in the books and adds new information, introducing a variety of cities not properly explored before, providing a timeline and detailed history of the early Traction Era.

The Codex has only ever been published digitally; it was originally available only if the entire Mortal Engines Quartet was bought at once via the Kindle or KindlePC. The book was later made available as a stand-alone e-book.[2]

Philip Reeve has expressed his wishes to publish it in the form of a paper book, with additional illustrations and information. This wish will finally be realized in the forthcoming Illustrated World of Mortal Engines.


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