I am Bryan.

I'm sorry to say this won't exactly be a welcoming message.

That block that MechQueste, now StarLightNova/SLN, given me proves that the blocker is willing to disparage me with hate-filled disinformation as well as to violate FANDOM's guidelines, under the guise of weighing in the block. It may have set a dangerous precedent, but now, this block proved to be the center of my recent personal grievances exploited by other individuals over the Internet, such as BatteryIncluded allies Koncorde and JustARandommer, as well as Kiwi Farms, including users Analog Devolved (who defends the Mortal Engines film adaptation) and NerdShamer.

Now, with StarLightNova/SLN globally blocked and the block lifted, I can proceed with improving the wiki to anyone's standards. I want to reform it, not just that, but also the fandom and community of Mortal Engines as a whole.

I fight as I always have, on the side of kindness, empathy, positivity, and the protection of innocence and emotional vulnerability. I also enjoy transformative works and alternative universes.

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