Vineland is the area to the north of The Dead Continent. It is a lush green fertile land of forests and grass plains. Vineland is believed to lie in the vicinity of the former Canada, since most were unfamiliar with the former political boundaries due to North America's isolation from other regions.

Many didn't know of its existence, as North America was annihilated during the Sixty Minute War. However, in Nimrod Pennyroyal's controversial book he claimed that not only was there life in America, but humans. This is not likely true, however, as Pennyroyal never visited America and wrote the book from the comfort of Paris. He based the story on a map that was not known to even exist.

In Predator's Gold, Anchorage sets out to go home to America again based on the contents of Nimrod's book. Nimrod is terrified because he knows he made the story up. He sends out messages for help as he knows Anchorage is going to its doom. However, Caul reveals that Vineland is real, but not as big as Pennyroyal said it to be. Anchorage settles to become a static settlement, and its people largely develop as fishermen and farmers. Deer are also revealed to live in Vineland, though it is unknown if bears and humans live there like Pennyroyal said.