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Wavey Godshawk was a Scriven who lived in the early half of the Traction Era. She was the only Scriven known to fall in love with a human, an engineer called Gideon Crumb. After this, he was banished by her father Auric Godshawk, and he didn't see her again for years.

Time in London

Wavey lived as a Scriven elite, daughter of the ruler of London at the time. She eventually fell in love with Gideon Crumb (sometimes simply known as 'Dr. Crumb'), becoming pregnant after he was banished from the Scriven parts of town by Auric Godshawk, ruler of London.

After giving birth to Fever Crumb, she was weak and almost died. Auric Godshawk saved her, but also implanted his memories via some sort of stalker technology.

When Fever was a few months old, the Skinner Riots started up, and Wavey fled to her father's mansion out in the Brick Marsh. Eventually the Skinners found her and the last of the Scriven living there, and all her fellow Scriven were killed. But because she had a baby with her, Bagman Creech (leader of the party sent to clear out the house) spared her.

After London

She dropped Fever off with a friend, telling him to lure Gideon Crumb to take her away to Godshawk's Head. She fled London, somehow escaping the Skinner patrols that lurked around the Orbital Moatway. Malnourished and tired, Wavey was found by Borglum's Carnival of Knives and became part of his act. After leaving, Wavey found work aboard the Nomad Empires as a Technomancer.

Fever Crumb

Eventually she started working for The Movement, and convinced its leader to take over London.

She reunited with Fever on board their capitol traction fortress, and was pleased hear that Gideon was still alive. However, she was injured by the Stalker Shrike.

Scrivener's Moon

After 2 years, Wavey was reunited with Fever. While London was mobilising into a Traction City, she and Fever decided to journey to the Skrevenstuut, birthplace of the Scrivener, in the North, where she sadly was killed by the same Stalker who hurt her 2 years ago.