Wolverinehampton is a predator suburb that appeared in Predator's Gold. It was known as an Anglish speaking town were people froms towns it had eaten are made to work in harsh conditions in the gut. It was a very crafty suburb and was able to attack and disable towns larger than itself. It is described as having massive jaws and claw-studded wheels to grip to the ice, rather than the traditional 'drive wheel and ice runners' method.

Anchorage manages to outrun Wolverinehampton and only just escape. It was Tom's first experience of being the prey in a chase. Later, while flying aboad the Jenny Haniver, Hester Shaw witnesses Wolverinehampton attacking three larger Whaling Towns. It immobilizes their tracks before proceeding to tear away large chunks of the towns at it's own leisure.

When Hester arrives in Arkangel, she carries on her plot of selling Anchorage's coodinates to Piotr Masgard—leader of the piratical Huntsmen. As a bonus, she also provides Arkangel with information on the locations of Wolverinehampton and the three whaling towns. Arkangel subsequently intercepts and eats all four smaller suburbs; enslaving the inhabitants and dismantling the prey.